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Standard Demolition Corporation is a demolition and related specialty contractor that serves Florida and adjacent states.

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Standard Demolition Corporation is your contractor for:

National Demolition Association

Associated General Contractors

National Safety Council

Tampa Builders Exchange

The Pinellas County Asbestos Removal "10 Day" Notice form can be found here.

The Pinellas County Demolition "10 Day" Notice form can be found here.

The State of Florida Air Quality "10 Day" Notice form (used in most other jurisdictions) can be found here.

Filing information, addresses, and fee schedules for County/Local Air Programs can be found here.

Remember that "10 Days" is represented as 10 working days or 2 calendar weeks. In some jurisdictions, abatement and demolition notices may not run concurrently, resulting in no activity for two 2 week periods.

Click on corresponding specimen for G/L or W/C insurance certificates.

Click here to see the Florida Department of State Corporate Status Report.

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